Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family home Evening

This has been a good week! I have felt good and had more energy. This should last until a week from tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy it. We had a nice surprise last night. Carl and Lynette Cook cam down to visit us. He said they had been thinking about me and had me in their prayers and felt prompted to come and see us. They wanted to know about my condition and we talked a little about that and then they told us more about their new assignment to South Africa. As you may know, he was put in as one of the new General Authorities in General Conference in the First Quorum of Seventies. That will be in effect until he turns 70 yrs old. They will be living in Johanasburg and be a counselor in The Area Presidency. The area indcludes the Congo across on both sides down to the South of Africa. He asked us about our experiences in Nauvoo and it was a spiritual, beautiful, time with them. Carl said his fondest memories were when he came to our house and had Frank as such a good friend. They both gave us big hugs when they left. They will have to be there by August 1st, so they will be here for their daughter Marie's farewell in June to her mission in Spain. We will miss them. Carl still has such a fun sense of humor. So we had a special Family Home Evening. Thank you all for your comments and your prayers. Melanie, your blog was special and it made we cry. We love you all.


  1. That is so good that you are feeling better and how exciting for Carl Cook and his wife! You are always in our prayers and thoughts, Glad to hear good news!!

  2. I am so glad you are feeling better. I hope we will be able to see you this weekend. We were thinking of coming down for a family home evening too. I will call you and you can tell me when is best.
    Carl Cook came up for our stake conference. He was a very good speaker.

  3. What a fun Family Home Evening! And what a fun adventure the Cook's will be having. Glad to hear that you are doing so well Grandma. We love you and miss you!