Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hair today, gone tomorrow. Well, it happened! My hair was coming out all over, so Carolyn cut it short and then Lynette used the #2 cutters on the hair clipper to cut it so it would be even. You know these men have been getting lika little massage when they get there hair cut. That's how it felt. My head is much lighter. Another treatment is out of the way and after a few days, it will be better. I hope everyone is having a great Easter. I am looking forward to Sacrament meeting tomorrow because it usually is a special program. It will remind us as we partake of the sacrament what Easter is really about. We are all so blessed to have such a loving Heavenly Father that He gave His only Begotten Son so that we can return to live with Him some day. I hope that all of you had fun coloring your eggs and finding all the treats. I love you all and so appreciate your prayers in our behalf. HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family home Evening

This has been a good week! I have felt good and had more energy. This should last until a week from tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy it. We had a nice surprise last night. Carl and Lynette Cook cam down to visit us. He said they had been thinking about me and had me in their prayers and felt prompted to come and see us. They wanted to know about my condition and we talked a little about that and then they told us more about their new assignment to South Africa. As you may know, he was put in as one of the new General Authorities in General Conference in the First Quorum of Seventies. That will be in effect until he turns 70 yrs old. They will be living in Johanasburg and be a counselor in The Area Presidency. The area indcludes the Congo across on both sides down to the South of Africa. He asked us about our experiences in Nauvoo and it was a spiritual, beautiful, time with them. Carl said his fondest memories were when he came to our house and had Frank as such a good friend. They both gave us big hugs when they left. They will have to be there by August 1st, so they will be here for their daughter Marie's farewell in June to her mission in Spain. We will miss them. Carl still has such a fun sense of humor. So we had a special Family Home Evening. Thank you all for your comments and your prayers. Melanie, your blog was special and it made we cry. We love you all.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, this has been a new experience. I have been keeping a daily log because that will help to know what to expect the next go around. It was good to get done with the Prednisone and the anti nausea. On Tuesday, Dr. Hansen called and wanted me to come in for a blood check an he decided I needed to come in for three days in a row to get a shot of Neupogen to build up my white blood cells to guard against infection. I ended going four days and that should last until the next treatment. They used to hospitalize people for this, but this enables me to stay at home, which is good. A few side affects, but I think I'm doing okay. Grandpa went in and had a stress test and his heart is good, but he needs to build up his endurance. He went on Carolyn's elyptical machine today and got started. He is having difficulty coming to terms that it needs to be something that increases his heart rate. Dr. Biddulph said walking to the barn and back would not cut it. So we are working on that. I got on for a few minutes also. Wasn't conference wonderful? I can't wait for the Ensign to read them more thoroughly. It was exciting that Jake was interviewed on the segment for the MTC. I especially liked what Elder Nelson said about "the only premature deaths are the one where someone is not prepared to meet God." Also the one on"the cafeteria approach to the commandments won't work. We can't choose which one we want to obey". Such sound council. Love you all and hope that spring comes pretty soon. A couple of my friends have brought me pretty potted flowers to bring a little in now.