Thursday, March 3, 2011

PET scan

I had the PET scan today. I have been quite nervous about this, not knowing what to expect. Bennett helped me a lot and then Don gave me a Priesthood Blessing last night assisted by Kevin. I know that it really helped. I stayed calm and relaxed and didn't move. It is difficult to stay still for 40 minutes. but I sang in my head a lot of hymns to keep my mind occupied. Dr. Biddulph should have the resutls in a couple of days, so I figure Monday or Tuesday. Then we can make a plan. I love you all for your support and prayers. Thank You! Love, margo


  1. It will be nice to have a plan.....
    love you :)

  2. What a testimony of knowing the hymns! That's a lot of hymns to sing in your head. What a blessing it is to have the priesthood & opportunities to have your husband, son, son-in-laws and grandsons participate in different respects to help you on this journey. Love you grandma-ma :)