Saturday, March 12, 2011

More pictures...

These 4 women are from a family of 10 siblings and they have a special relationship. They are sisters! Can you tell?
These 4 sisters had to put up with 6 brothers. If you have been around any of these brothers for awhile you can just imagine the teasing that went on.
Here they are all grown up and they still tease each other. (Actually I am surprised that there aren't some rabbit ears for some of them sitting in the front.)  ( Maybe John was thinking about it?)
Here is the big sister doing what she does best. Taking car of everyone else.
(Bill is the babe in Margo's arms and John is the little boy to the side.)
Here is big sister Margo helping again. ( I think she was one of Bill's favorites.) I love the hat John has on in this one, isn't this a great picture!
Here are the fine people that started this clan of 10. I think if I was to put a caption to this one it would be,
Ma, I think you forgot the pitch fork!
From right to left, Gilbert, kneeling by the ditch with Jim, little brother John hanging on to Margo's skirt.
If I was to put a caption to this one I think it would be.
Now, should I put my hand on my hip like this, or maybe like this, John, stand back, I can't get both of my hands on my hips.
(Some times I crack myself up!)

Now, remember these are very old pictures and only people that are very old are in them. Sorry Jeryl Dean, I didn't know you were that old!  Who is that old girl sitting on Grandpa's lap?
Okay the caption would be...
Look where? If you don't hurry up and take this picture I am going to have to start eating my hand! and that girl to my left can't take her eyes off of that cake!
Grandpa, Dad, whoever he is to you, is standing in back. Gil, Margo and Jim are standing in front.
Are you ready for the caption?
Gil is saying,"Mom, is it a boy or a girl?"
Margo is saying, " I hope this doesn't take long, I want to go play with my doll. Does the north pole need any more elves?"
Jim is saying," What? I can't hear anything with these muffs over my ears!"

Hope this made you smile!!!


  1. haha loved looking at the pictures AND reading the captions!

  2. yes those captions sure got me going...

  3. I love the pictures. I think the girl on Dad's lap is Janice. What do you think?

  4. Suz, that is me, Donene, sitting on Grandpa's lap, I am the old one!

  5. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your Beautiful pictures of your family. I hope you have a Great weekend.