Monday, February 28, 2011

Just some memories...

 I decided to add some pictures and they are kind of random but if you want to add some comments of what you remember about these pictures that would be great.
I don't have any memories of this one but I have always loved it because I can see this cute little girl in some of my girls and grand daughters.
Of course, I don't remember this one either but I sure see a lot of family resemblances.

Nope, I wasn't here for this one either but I do know a couple of people in this picture. One of my favorite aunts and of course my lovely Mom! ( Aunt Colleen is on the far left as a bridesmaid.)

I am here for this one but don't remember much about it. So, how about the rest of you that are in this pic, do you remember anything about it?

Isn't she beautiful! Mom, in high school, no wonder Dad fell for her.

I kind of remember this one and I especially remember the purple Easter dress. I loved wearing it and twirling around in it to make the skirt go up. I remember Grandpa Marriott always getting us out on the lawn to take our pictures. I loved that he took the time to take these because the memories are so precious!

I remember this one because I have a new baby brother and remember that he was quite big! I remember that chair and being rocked in it when I didn't feel well, or listening to a story that Mom was telling me or reading to me. I remember the doily on the back of the chair and Mom continually fixing it so that it was straight. I remember the curtains and playing in them, I think you can see some of my fingerprints and wrinkles that I made from doing that!

No, I wasn't here for this one either but i do remember the temple on the top of the cake and seeing it in our home and playing with it as well. Luckily I didn't break that great treasure.  I am so glad though that these two found each other and have made a great posterity and I am so blessed to be a part of it.
Have a great week Mom and remember that we all love you!
What do you remember about these pictures?


  1. I love looking at the is interesting to see all the resemblances. We love you :)

  2. I'm with Rach, I like seeing the pictures as well. And it is fun to see how much someone looks like another.

  3. They little blonde girl reminds me of me.How are you with Rach?

  4. Oh,I get it...just had a blonde moment. I thought you were physically with Rachel.

  5. hahahaha...Val, you just made my day. That was great. Love you!

  6. Yes, Val, you made my day as well. I am still smiling.

  7. I am smiling now too :) I WISH I was WITH Mel...but alas, it is only in spirit :)