Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where did 75 years go?

Today is someone's 75th birthday! Can you guess who? It is not the person holding the horn.
It is of course the beautiful girl holding the flute!
This is a picture of Margo with her brother Jim.

Here is another picture with Margo and her brothers Gil and John and her mother Helen.

This picture is of Margo, Gil, her Dad Gilbert and Jim.

Margo and Jim, aren't they cute!

I really loved this picture and have decided that her Dad Gilbert, the one who is taking the picture was a great photographer and had a nice camera I am thinking.
This is Margo,Jim, Bill, and Gil.

This is Margo with her sister Susan.
Here is my movie star mother, I always have thought this picture looks like she should be in the movies!
And of course she married a movie star to match her beauty.
This is my movie star parents.

and this is the Shaw bunch! This is a picture of 5 of the kids and she is pregnant with the 6th!
This is Frank, Carolyn, Lynette, and Donene in the front, and Margo holding Nancy, and Don.

Here we are again and I have always marveled that she even had the time to sew all of our cute little outfits.
She is an amazing woman!!!

Here they are  a little later in life.

This is a picture of the family at Christmas, Carolyn is missing because she is taking the picture!

Here is the Family with the first grandchild Nathan.
Don, holding Nathan, Frank, Donene, and Ryan. In back is Margo,Carolyn, Kevin, Lynette, Valerie and Nancy.

This isn't even close to what the family is now but I think all of her grand kids are in this picture. I lost count but I think there is now about 30 -31 great grandchildren, What is it Mom! She will know because she doesn't even forget one of those many birthdays, (that alone tells you what kind of person this is!)
She certainly has been an amazing Wife, Mom, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother, Sister, and especially a Friend to all of us.  We want to honor you on this special day and want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
We Love YOU!


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you and are so grateful that you are our grandma. I will probably get your card in the mail today.....that is the way I am.....but of course you know that by now :)

  2. Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you and are so grateful you are apart of our lives.

    Mom I just realized how much you look like Grandma Marriott. I love the picture of Grandma and Jim leaning against the car.

    Oh, and you forgot to put Val's name in on the picture of all of you with Nate as a baby. We love you Val! :)

  3. We hope that you are having a wonderful time on this special day. Thank you for your love, support, patience, and friendship. You are the best grandmother BOTH of us have ever had!

  4. I LOVE all these pictures! thanks for posing them, they are quite the movie star couple, so cute. Happy Birthday Grandma Shaw, I sure hope you had a great day, we love you

  5. This is a late post, but I love you grandma & agree you both look like movie stars! I think in that last picture, the only one missing was Shawnee- she must've not been born. Love you!