Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was reflecting this morning and thinking of how blessed we have been through this month of June. It started out with karli and Chance's wedding and then we had Kelle and Ian's wedding with all of their festivities.It has been such a family time. We have been with all six of our children and their spouses. We have been with 26 of our 28 grandchildren and most of the spouses of those who are married. We have been with 30 out of the 31 greatgrandchildren. We have enjoyed it all so much and are grateful to have been here. Now today is Fathers Day. I really love Don, who is the father who started all this posterity. He is a great Dad, Grandpa, and Great-grandpa. We are grateful for the fathers of our grand-children and great-grandchildren. We have observed how you lovingly care for your children and nothing couldd make us happier. We hope all of you are having a great summer(at least it's supposed to be summer). We love all of you and are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you all for your help. Love Margo


  1. We were glad to be with you as well and wish Dad the best Father's day ever! He is the greatest example of a Dad and I am so grateful that he is my Dad!!!

  2. We love you too!
    happy Father's Day to Grandpa!