Monday, April 2, 2012

Heart Felt Thanks

A long time has passed since anything had been written here. As all of you know the triple by-pass and new valve happened quite suddenly near the end of Feb. I went to my Cardiologist this morning and they did an EKG and everything is great. So both the surgeon and the Cardioligist have released me back to Dr. Biddulph. I have Cardio Rehab three times a week; Mon. Wed. and Fri. On the off days I have been walking. Nancy Lowe comes and gets me on Tues. and Thurs. and we walk up and down their driveway. It is long and takes me about 20- 25 minutes. We will go further as I get stronger. Grandpa has been a wonderful help to me as well as the daughters. Lynette has made me realize that there is too much stuff in this house and some can go. Thanks to the daughters and Shawnee for the house cleaning and Nancy and others for the yard work. It helps the spirit to see things get done.IT has been alot of help to have the girls come to Doctor visits also. It clarifies what has been said. Thanks for the visits. Frank calls often and I appreciate that. I know that many prayers have been offered in our behalf because we have felt the love of our Savior for us. We are so proud of our family and the many things you are accomplishing. We love you all. Love, Grandma Shaw

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keep her in your prayers

 This will be short but I figured the best way to tell people. I will have more details later but it looks like Grandma will be scheduled to have  triple bypass heart surgery on Thursday.  Please keep her in your prayers.
We love you Mom!

Monday, January 30, 2012

catching up

Rachel told me I need to use my blog more so they know what's going on. So here we go! Bill Marriott was sealed to Lara (Lois) Presnell Christensen in the Bountiful Temple on Friday, the 27th of January. They are classmates at Ben Lomond and they had a class reunion last summer and got acquainted. She has lived in Boston for the past 22 years so it was a different courtship. We had my siblings and spouses to a party between Christmas and New Years and Bill showed up with a fiance. We all had wondered why he hadn't been calling all of us so much, but that was the answer. She has five daughters, two in Texas two in Ut. and one in Boston. Four of them were at the wedding. The one not there is having her 5th girl this next week in Houston and Bill and Lara are going there on their honeymoon to help out. Richard was here last week for his Huntsman tests and treatments. His blood count was up enough they didn't have to do a transfusion. He has been having weekly transfusions since he was here 3 months ago. Cheryl, Dave, Jason and Lisa came up from Mesa so we had 8 of the siblings there. Janice didn't even come to the dinner, but Rich did. Bruce and Connie have their mission papers in and are waiting for their call. Lisa Johson was married again in Nov. and lives in Aurora,Ut and they are planning on going to the temple in Nov. to be sealed if he can get his previous sealing dissolved. Her husband has a 12yr. old son and a 10 yr. old daughter and they have really taken to Lisa. They live with their mother in Vernal, but she is willing to let them visit anytime they can arrange it. Grandpa had his first colonoscopy this past Monday and John Lowe told him he was certainly overdue. Everything was fine, but he needs to have some hemorhoids removed. They have a system now called (banding) and any of you who helped with the lambs will know what that is. It is a good method with no pain. John told Don it was just like docking the lambs. I wonder if they got the idea from that. We are so sorry about Donene and Ryan's flooding of their house. I hope that things are better now. There has been lot of flooding in Liberty with the ground frozen and so much rain in Jan. Certainly has been a different winter. Sammy and Erik are having a girl in June, Brett and Maddie are having a boy in July and Crystal is supposed to find out the gender of their baby this week. Frank is excited about having a boy because it will carry on the Shaw name. My maintenance treatment are going well. I am having one on the 20th of Feb. They are 5hr. infusions that include everything I was having except the Chemo. The Rituxin kills the antibodies so that is what should keep things going good. We love you all and pray for all of you daily. Jake is having a great mission, bringing through the spirit many people, including entire families. This is long, but overdue. Love, Grandma

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grreat News!!!!

Tuesday, we went to see Dr.Hansen about the results of last week's P.E.T. and CT scans. I am in remission! THe doctor said that doesn't mean I am cancer free, but they are too small to detect. I will be on a two year maintenance program, going in every 2 months and have a Rituxin infusion. That has been part of my treatment. My hair is growing back and is curly. It is rather thin, but it will probably thicken up. It has been a bitter sweet week to have Shawn die the same week. It is difficult to understand. I am older and he is so young. The Lord has his own timetable and someday we will know Why things worked out this way. I am grateful for eternal families and am so grateful for our family. We love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and caring for us. Be kind to each other and cherish your time together. Love, Margo, Mom, or Grandma

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last treatment?

I had my 6th cancer treatment on Thursday and hopefully it will be the last one. On the 11th of Aug. they will do a P.E.T. scan and a C.T. svan. I will meet with Dr. Hansen on the 16 of Aug. and if it is in remission there will be maintenance schedule for a couple of yrs. The Dr. is very encouraged and thinks it is in remission. If so, it is through all of yous and our faith and prayers. This has been a busy summer with all of the weddings. It is fun to go to the showers, endowments, marriages and the receptions. Of course, we don't have to do all the preparation. I just got to hold the newest grandaughter, Whitly Wilkinson while Alyson helped with the quilts. That was a treat. We will just be watching the parade on TV and that's okay. It is a great time to reflect on our pioneer ancestery. We have a lot in our family.My cousins, Gary Browning's funeral is today up by Idaho Falls. I would have so liked to go to it. He is just younger than me and had always been one of my favoites. He is the son of Thelma, my mother's sister. HE fell over a sprinkler head in his lawn and broke two vertebraes is his neck. They were able to stabalize hims and he appeared to be improving when he had a blood clot that killed him. He has had a heart condition for a long time and just went into remission from cancer. He has called and checked on me a few times and it was good to visit with him. We had a good Marriott reunion on Monte. Everything was so green and all the wild flowers were out. It was good to become more acquainted with Jim's fincee, Janice Hilton. They seem very happy. We hope all of you are doing well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. We love you all! Love, Maego

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where did 75 years go?

Today is someone's 75th birthday! Can you guess who? It is not the person holding the horn.
It is of course the beautiful girl holding the flute!
This is a picture of Margo with her brother Jim.

Here is another picture with Margo and her brothers Gil and John and her mother Helen.

This picture is of Margo, Gil, her Dad Gilbert and Jim.

Margo and Jim, aren't they cute!

I really loved this picture and have decided that her Dad Gilbert, the one who is taking the picture was a great photographer and had a nice camera I am thinking.
This is Margo,Jim, Bill, and Gil.

This is Margo with her sister Susan.
Here is my movie star mother, I always have thought this picture looks like she should be in the movies!
And of course she married a movie star to match her beauty.
This is my movie star parents.

and this is the Shaw bunch! This is a picture of 5 of the kids and she is pregnant with the 6th!
This is Frank, Carolyn, Lynette, and Donene in the front, and Margo holding Nancy, and Don.

Here we are again and I have always marveled that she even had the time to sew all of our cute little outfits.
She is an amazing woman!!!

Here they are  a little later in life.

This is a picture of the family at Christmas, Carolyn is missing because she is taking the picture!

Here is the Family with the first grandchild Nathan.
Don, holding Nathan, Frank, Donene, and Ryan. In back is Margo,Carolyn, Kevin, Lynette, Valerie and Nancy.

This isn't even close to what the family is now but I think all of her grand kids are in this picture. I lost count but I think there is now about 30 -31 great grandchildren, What is it Mom! She will know because she doesn't even forget one of those many birthdays, (that alone tells you what kind of person this is!)
She certainly has been an amazing Wife, Mom, Grand Mother, Great Grand Mother, Sister, and especially a Friend to all of us.  We want to honor you on this special day and want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
We Love YOU!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It all started with these two.

And I am so glad it did.
While at Kelle's wedding I was able to get some pictures of these two cute wonderful people. I am not sure what we were talking about, but I am sure that Grandpa was making some kind of wise crack.

We love you guys!